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Welcome to the home of the XI Ferrata Legion!

We are a guild operating on the server Bamboo Grove in the game Kingdom Heroes. Looking for new recruits to join us any level, any class. Our firm belief is that a guild should help its members progress in the game and have a more enjoyable experience. To this end we expect our members to help out lower level members if they ask. Doing this on a regular basis and being good at it will lead to quick promotion through our ranks.

To join you must speak English passably as this is the main language spoken by the guild. If you also speak another language please do not leave forum posts or chat messages in that language, only in English. Equally, because our guild will inevitably have members whose first language is not English please refrain from using non gaming slang e.g cos, bagsy etc.

The guild takes it's name from the Roman Legion. To see some of its history view this link :

I'm the leader and founder of this guild, Baz. I have alot of experience running guilds and clans from other games, although I have relatively little experience of Kingdom Heroes. I decided to start this guild because when I first played Kingdom Heroes the community was'nt the best one for new players. Similarly when I joined my first guild CRUSADERS in Kingdom Heroes there was a lack of interaction between members and little help for new players.

I hope you enjoy your visit to this website and consider joining our guild.

Fidelis Constans - Loyal and Steadfast

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